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Regional Botany Special Lecture

Davidson, Donald [1].

Traveling Artist Wildflower Project: How Art Supports Native Plant Resource Interpretation And Preservation.

BOTANICAL illustrators must come out of the lab and into the field in order to better engage the professionals whose efforts we support. Artists may have significant influences on programs geared for the growing element of the general population that is actively pursuing hands-on projects in support of native plant conservation. In this presentation, I will explore means of bringing together biologists, visual artists and writers to combine their talents in the study and presentation of both the aesthetic appreciation and scientific understanding of botanical form and function. Illustrations enhance the ability of students of botany to identify flora through increased visual knowledge base and focus tools. Volunteers effectively support native plant societies, academic study groups and federal and state natural resource and interpretation agencies. A general history of botanical illustration, its methods, application and trends will be presented. Other aspects/ questions related to botanical illustration that will be examined include: 1) Comparisons between the ideal and faithfully observed renderings; 2) Why not just photos? 3) How, what, where and when to teach?; and 4) The lab versus the field. I will also present examples of current botanical illustrations from young student to college level to professional and examples of my floral watercolors and the habitats they were produced in.

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1 - Mojave National Preserve, 2701 Barstow Road, Barstow, California, 92311, USA


Presentation Type: Special Presentation
Session: 45-1
Location: 201/Ayres
Date: Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
Time: 10:15 AM
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