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Land Plant Evolution: Phylogenetics and Beyond

Hilu, Khidir W. [1], Magallón, Susana [2], Quandt, Dietmar [3].

Gene tempo, phylogeny and molecular dating of land plant lineages.

PATTERNS and dates of divergence among major land plant lineages have long been disputed. Understanding phylogenetic relationships among the major lineages provides a solid framework for evaluating date of splitting and rates of molecular evolution. Here, we examine the impact of mode and rate of gene evolution on phylogenetic reconstruction and estimation of lineage divergence times across land plants. A sample of over 80 species spanning all major extant land plant clades was examined using sequences of slow evolving (atpB, psaA, psbB, rbcL) and rapidly evolving (matK, trnL) plastid genomic regions. Using methods that account for molecular rate heterogeneity, we evaluate effect of fast and slow genomic regions and different optimization criteria on phylogeny reconstruction and divergence time estimation. We also assessed and compare rates of molecular evolution of these genomic regions across land plants. Our results show good congruence in phylogenetic relationships derived from fast and slow regions, and provide a general overview of the time of origin and diversification of major land plant clades. Variation in rates of nucleotide substitution was evident across land plants in both slowly and rapidly evolving genomic regions.

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1 - Virginia Tech, Biological Sciences, Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061, USA
2 - Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México,, 3er Circuito de Ciudad Universitaria,, Del. Coyoacán, México D.F. 04510, , Mexico
3 - Technical University Dresden, Institute for Botany, D-01062 Dresden, , Germany

Land plants
molecular dating
rates of evolution
plastid genes.

Presentation Type: Symposium or Colloquium Presentation
Session: 20-11
Location: 170/Holt
Date: Monday, July 31st, 2006
Time: 4:35 PM
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